The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new CT-scanner at PoreLab

On October 29th, 2021, was organised the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new CT-scanner at the department of Geosciences and Petroleum, NTNU. The new scanner was named “Ole” after Professor Ole Torsæter who had been a mentor and a driving force for the acquisition of this up-to-date equipment. Ole Torsæter has been the Principal Investigator for the Work Package related to Microfluidics and Field Studies at PoreLab until he retired in November 2019. His successor is Associate Professor Carl Fredrik Berg. Ole is now Professor Emeritus and still very much involved in PoreLab’s activities. Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Ole’s 70th anniversary was celebrated at the cafeteria with speeches, cake and flowers.

The new CT-scanner is part of the equipment financed by the Research Council of Norway under PoreLab’s umbrella.

Post-doctoral researcher, Haili Long-Sanouiller explains that: “Detailed capture and measurement of internal component and assembly features is often vital for material and porous media research, quality control and failure analysis. The Nikon, XT H 225 system offers a microfocus X-ray source, an inspection volume to accommodate small to medium sized parts and high image resolution in 3D. Ready for ultrafast CT reconstruction, the XT H 225 covers a wide range of applications, including the inspection of pore spaces, plastic parts, small castings and complex mechanisms as well as researching materials and natural specimens.”

Professor Emeritus Ole Torsæter cuts the ribbon during the official ceremony for the new CT-scanner (from left to right: Professor Emeritus Jon Kleppe, Associate Professor Carl Fredrik Berg and Professor Emeritus Ole Torsæter) 
From left to right: Professor Emeritus Jon Kleppe, Associate Professor Carl Fredrik Berg, Associate Professor Antje van der Net, Postdoctoral researcher Haili Long-Sanouiller, Professor Emeritus Ole Torsæter  and Professor Egil Tjåland

Head for the Geoscience and Petroleum department, Ute Mann, congratulates Ole for his 70th anniversary on behalf of the department 

Postdoctoral researcher Haili Long-Sanouiller, performs a demonstration of the new CT-scanner during the opening of the laboartory (the sample is provided by senior engineer Stefanie Lode)