Open Postdoctoral position in molecular-dynamics simulations of non-ideal superlubric contacts of 2D materials

There is a a vacancy for a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Materials Group at Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

We are looking for a candidate with a background in non-equilibrium molecular-dynamics, ideally, but not necessarily, with experience in surface science or nano-scale friction.  The position is part of the EIC Pathfinder project SSLiP (Scaling SuperLubricity into Persistence).  The driving concept behind SSLiP is structural superlubricity, extremely low friction that takes place at a lattice misfit between clean, flat, rigid crystalline surfaces. Structural superlubricity is currently a lab curiosity limited to micrometer scale and laboratory times.

The goal of the position is to investigate and understand behaviour of  superlubric contacts of 2D materials under non-ideal conditions, such as high or nonuniform loads. The SSLiP project aims to develop new ways for superlubricity to survive in non-ideal conditions, and bring superlubricity to the macroscale to impact real-life products.  Friction between moving parts and the associated wear are estimated to be directly responsible for 25% of the world’s energy consumption, which means that any significant reduction could have enormous technological and societal impact.

The simulations will be combined with experiments of individual contacts, as well as chemistry characterisation, multi-contact experiments, and multiscale simulations to bridge the different length scales and build a coherent framework. The SSLiP project involves close collaboration with experimental and theoretical groups in Dublin, Munich, Amsterdam, Lyon, and Milan. The postdoctoral fellowship position is a temporary position where the main goal is to qualify for work in senior academic positions.

Important information:

  • The period of employment is 2 years
  • Applications must be sent via (here)
  • Deadline to submit an application is: 15 May 2022
  • Contact: Professor Astrid de Wijn (

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