Welcome to Yuequn!

Dr. Yuequn Fu joined PoreLab at UiO in June 2022 as Postdoctoral fellow.

Yuequn has a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Qingdao University, and a Master degree in chemical engineering from the China University of Petroleum in Beijing. He got his PhD degree on “Atomistic insights to interfacial dynamics” from the Departement of Structural Engineering at NTNU.

Yuequn introduces his plan for his postdoc as follow:

My research aims to work on both experimental and theoretical aspects of multiphase flow and pattern formation in frictional fluids and porous media. The atomistic insights into the flow in porous media are expected to archive. In combination with experimental study, molecular dynamics simulations are employed to investigate the atomic-level formation, deformation, patterns, mechanisms, and rheology of the flow in porous media.”

WELCOME, Yuequn!