PoreLab lecture with Associate Professor Saman Aryana on Transport and Phase Behavior in Multiscale Disordered Media

Our guest, Associate Professor Saman Aryana from the University of Wyoming, USA, is visiting PoreLab at NTNU this week. He will present his research on “Transport and Phase Behavior in Multiscale Disordered Media.” on June 16th at 14:00 (Trondheim time) at PoreLab premises.

Saman’s interests lie primarily in the fundamental physics of flow instabilities and dynamics of subsurface displacement processes. His aim is to incorporate the ever-changing nature of these systems in the simplest form possible without sacrificing adequate representation of all verifiable data. His work includes: 1) experimentation and data analysis, 2) development of general mathematical frameworks motivated and verified by physical observations, and 3) developing data-driven dynamical reservoir models along with robust solution schemes.