Welcome to Vegard!

Vegard Gjeldvik Jervell joined PoreLab and the department of Chemistry at NTNU as PhD candidate on August 29th, 2022

Vegard holds a Master degree in Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology from NTNU with a specialization in Material technology from 2022. The title of his master project was: “Thermodynamic and kinetic modelling of thermal diffusion in Mie-fluids“. The PhD position focuses on the development of non-equilibrium thermodynamics relevant to describe two-phase transport in porous media.

His supervisor is Professor Øivind Wilhelmsen

Vegard introduces his project as follow:

During my Ph.D. I will investigate transport properties at interfaces. The starting point of the research is classical density functional theory and kinetic gas theory.

Our aim is to develop a consistent theory with the capability of providing quantitative predictions of transport across phase boundaries. Furthermore, it is of importance that the theory should hold not only at uniform conditions, but also in the presence of large thermal gradients and in porous structures.

The possibility of accurately predicting transport coefficients at phase boundaries and in porous structures without the use of costly MD-simulations can provide a powerful tool in the development of battery technology, CO2- and hydrogen storage, separation technology, and much more.

Welcome Vegard!