PoreLab lecture with Dr. Dr. Senyou An on multi-scale flow and transport dynamics in porous media

Dr. Senyou An, winner of the InterPore-PoreLab award for young researchers 2022, is visiting PoreLab in Trondheim now. Senyou is now a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Earth Science and Engineering, at Imperial College, London, UK.

He will give a talk on:

Title: Multi-scale flow and transport dynamics in porous media

When: Monday 10 October 2022 at 13:00 (Trondheim time)

Where: PoreLab premises (NTNU, Valgrinda, PTS2, 2nd floor). It is also possible to join the talk via zoom here: https://uio.zoom.us/j/65837085049?pwd=WjZianUyN3FJa2liQkxBbzQrOCtGdz09

Abstract: Fluid flow and solute/heat transport in porous materials are ubiquitous in nature, as well as in many scientific problems and engineering applications, which touch almost every aspect of our daily lives. This talk will focus on understanding and enhancing the predictive capabilities for processes, such as multi-phase flow, fluid-solid interaction, reactive transport, and non-Newtonian fluid flow in porous media, which are directly linked to many subsurface processes (e.g., enhanced oil recovery, geological CO2 storage, and contaminant hydrogeology). In this talk, both computational and experimental approaches will be involved, and the aforementioned processes will be discussed. Particularly, I will highlight our efforts to understand complex phenomena in porous media by developing advanced algorithms.