The 2023 Interpore-PoreLab award goes to Pranay Shrestha

“Truly humbled to receive this honour! I constantly look up to this community at InterPore for inspiration and expertise on porous media! So this one is extra special to me!” – Pranay Shrestha, 2023 winner of the InterPore-PoreLab Award for Young Researchers

The 2023 winner of the Interpore-PoreLab award for young researchers is Dr. Pranay Shrestha, researcher at the University of Toronto, Canada. Pranay is working to advance sustainable energy technologies like fuel cells and the porous materials within them.


Pranay received hid PhD degree from the University of Toronto in February 2023, working on “Experimental and theoretical investigation of transport phenomena within electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices for novel material development“. He received his Master of Applied Science in December 2017 from the University of Toronto.

The close cooperation between Interpore and PoreLab has led to the creation of the Interpore-PoreLab award for young researchers. The award, allocated for the first time in 2018 is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to fundamental research in the field of porous media.

Award winners receive a grant of 1000 euros and is offered to spend up to 60 days at PoreLab either in Trondheim or in Oslo, supported with a daily stipend.