PoreLab lecture with Prof. Miguel Rubi from the University of Barcelona on Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of active particles self-assembly

Welcome to the next PoreLab lecture!

Who: Prof. Miguel Rubi from the  Department of Fundamental Physics  at the University of Barcelona, Spain

When: Friday 13 October at 13:00 (Oslo time)

Where: on zoom https://uio.zoom.us/j/65837085049?pwd=WjZianUyN3FJa2liQkxBbzQrOCtGdz09

Title: Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of active particles self-assembly


We calculate the energetic cost of the formation of active particle structures. Using an approach that couples the particle dynamics to the evolution of the fuel concentration in the medium, which we consider initially inhomogeneous, we show the different types of emerging structures. The energy dissipated in the formation of these structures is obtained from the entropy production rate, which is a non-monotonic function of the fraction of assembled particles and therefore different in each self-assembly regime. An analysis of the free energy of these particles allows us to establish a thermodynamic criterion of structure formation based on the behaviour of the chemical potential as a function of the fraction of assembled particles. We analyse the influence of hydrodynamic interactions on the self-assembly process