Open PhD position in Molecular Dynamic Simulations for Thermo-chemical Plastic Recycling

About the job

Plastic pollution is a significant concern and drives the development of new recycling technologies. Food packaging is a main contributor to plastic waste due to its short lifespan. These package materials often consist of multilayer polymer films and composites. Once discarded, multipolymer materials cannot be sorted into the homogeneity needed for classical plastic recycling and hence are, as of today,  not recyclable on a large scale. High-temperature gasification is a promising method for recycling these mixed wastes. By subjecting the plastics to temperatures of 800°C, the organic structure of the plastic is broken down. The resulting product gas can be reacted into new mono- and polymers of the same quality as fossil-based plastics, a prerequisite for creating a circular plastic economy.

The Ph.D. position is part of the HighRec project that aims to accelerate the technical, industry-scale implementation of high-temperature. The main research topic for this position is to investigate the thermal break-up of pure polymers and composites under high temperatures and fast heating rates through molecular dynamic simulations.

For a position as a PhD Candidate, the goal is a completed doctoral education up to an obtained doctoral degree. Your immediate leader is Associate Professor Corinna Schulze-Netzer.

Duties of the position

  • Follow the faculty’s PhD program
  • Plan design and carry out simulations
  • Prepare research articles for peer-reviewed journals (min. 3)
  • Be willing to present results at conferences
  • Prepare a PhD thesis
  • Collaborate with researchers involved in the project and master student

Required selection criteria

Preferred selection criteria

  • Experiences with Molecular Dynamic Simulation
  • Good programming skills for scientific post-processing of simulations (phyton, Matlab, C,  …)
  • Good background in organic chemistry

Read more about the position and apply here: PhD Candidate in Molecular Dynamic Simulations for Thermo-chemical Plastic Recycling (257316) | NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology (