PoreLab lecture with Professor Joachim Mathiesen from the Niels Bohr Institute on January 24th

Welcome to the next PoreLab lecture!

Who: Professor Joachim Mathiesen, head of Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark

When: Wednesday 24th January at 13:00 (Norway time).


The lecture will be streamed in the Kelvin room (PoreLab Oslo) and in the common room (PoreLab Trondheim). From anywhere else, you will be able to join via the following Zoom link:

Title: Dispersion in slow capillary force dominated flows


Transport in single fluid porous flows is a well-studied phenomenon, and a firm theoretical understanding has been established, for example, in terms of continuous time random walks. However, when two or more fluids flow together, the transport process becomes more complex, and our theoretical understanding is limited, despite the importance of multiphase flows in many natural systems. The complexity arises when the forces between the flowing fluids and the solid boundaries is non-negligible. The forces then create large variations in the local flow rates and form time-varying flow pathways, which can greatly accelerate solute spreading. In this study, we present results from computer simulations of two-phase flow and discuss a possible theory for solute spreading in systems of two fluids flowing through porous media. Such a theory may help us understand and control transport properties in natural systems.