Welcome to Jonas!

Jonas Bueie joined PoreLab on April 2nd, 2024, as PhD candidate. His PhD is financed by the InterLab ERC Starting Grant developed by Professor Øivind Wilhelmsen who is as well the supervisor for Jonas.

Jonas holds a Master in Technology in Physics and Mathematics from NTNU from 2022. His specialization is in applied physics. Following his master degree, Jonas joined SINTEF Energy from August 2022 until April 2024 as researcher. He worked mainly with heat-to-power conversion, heat exchanger simulation, and thermodynamics. He took a leave from SINTEF in order to pursue his PhD scholarship at PoreLab.

Jonas summarizes his PhD project as follow:

Understanding gas-liquid interfaces is crucial to understanding many physical and chemical systems. From the formation of raindrops and evaporation of seawater in large-scale climate models, to transport of compressed CO2, gas-liquid interfaces are of significant importance. Current theories vastly overpredict the evaporation rate at such interfaces.

In my PhD project, I will use molecular dynamics simulation and non-equilibrium thermodynamics to study transport phenomena across liquid-gas interfaces. The main goal is to improve current estimates of the evaporation rates at the interfaces. Furthermore, we wish to provide an explanation for said temperature gaps that is aligned with experimental observations.