Eirik Flekkøy on the famous TV program “Brille”

Professor Eirik Grude Flekkøy was invited on April 23rd to participate to the famous Norwegian TV program, “Brille”, on TV Norge. “Brille” is a studio-based quiz program combining humor and science and presented by Harald Eia.

You can watch the program under Dplay here: https://www.dplay.no/programmer/brille

Eirik is interviewed during the last part of the program (scroll forward at 30 minutes) when the experience with the flying chain fountain is performed during the program. Eirik explains the mechanism of this phenomenon as well as 2 other physical phenomena (a ping-pong ball flying in the stream of an hair-dryer and the tide phenomenon).

Eirik got warm applauds from the audience. Congratulations!