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Oumuamua, the first known interstellar visitor to our solar system, is a dust bunny

Professor Eirik Flekkøy from PoreLab University of Oslo explains the nature of Oumuamua under Popular Science. Read the article here: More articles about Oumuamua available here: Interesting Engineering: Newshub: And in French:

Invitation to send abstract to the mini-symposia MS18 at InterPore 2020 Qingdao

Participants to the next InterPore2020 Conference, that will be held on May 25-28, 2019 in Qingdao, China, are invited to contribute an abstract to the mini symposium MS18 titled “Innovative methods for the characterization, monitoring, and in situ remediation of contaminated soils and aquifers“. See the session description below, also at Guidelines for abstract

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Onsager Professorship 2019 – Medal and Lecture

From left to right: Miguel Rubi, Alex Hansen, Signe Kjelstrup, Daan Frenkel, Erika Eiser,and Dick Bedeaux (picture: Marie-Laure Olivier) The distinguished scientist selected for the Onsager professorship this year is Daan Frenkel from the University of Cambridge. He received the Onsager silver medal on Nov.7, and gave the lecture “Entropy and complex assembly” in front

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Welcome to Xidong Wang at PoreLab Trondheim!

PhD candidate Xidong Wang PhD candidate Xidong Wang from Qingdao, China, will stay with us at PoreLab Trondheim during one year. He arrived on October 29th. Xidong started his PhD in 2016 at the China University of Petroleum and works on geological resources and engineering. His project’s title is: “Pore structure characterization by machine learning procedures”

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Welcome to Shaltiel Eloul at PoreLab Trondheim

Dr. Shaltiel Eloul Dr. Shaltiel Eloul, post-doc researcher at the department of Chemistry  at the University of Cambridge, UK, is coming to PoreLab Trondhim for 1 week, from October 28th to November 5th. Shaltiel is working with Professor Daan Frenkel. He is invited to Trondheim as part of the Onsager Professor position for Daan. Welcome!

Visit of Professor Peter Daivis to PoreLab Trondheim

Visit from Professor Peter Daivis to PoreLab Trondheim – From left to right: Bjørn Hafskjold, Dick Bedeaux, Miguel Rubi, Peter Daivis, Signe Kjelstrup, Faezeh Pousaneh, Olav Galteland, Astrid de Wijn, Michael Rauter Professor Peter Daivis, Department of Physics at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia, visited PoreLab on September 30 – October 4, 2019.

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