Study programmes

PoreLab course 1: FYS4465 at UiO  / NTNU code pending

Theory and simulation of flows in complex media

Background assumed: Equilibrium statistical mechanics.  Some students may know about diffusion/Langevin equations/basic theory of Onsager reciprocity relations, others will know the Boltzmann equation. Goal: Bring the student to understand the hydrodynamics of flows in porous media, including thermal gradients and concentration gradients. Also, the student will get a toolbox to simulate the flow in porous media on different scales. The course will support  the experimental course in PoreLab.

PoreLab course 2 : FYS4420/FYS9420 at UiO or PG8605/TPG4565 at NTNU

Experimental condensed  matter/petroleum physics

Background assumed: Thermodynamics and/or  fundamental statistical physics,  fluid mechanics  and  electromagnetism.  A first course in experimental physics/reservoir engineering, including elementary  uncertainty calculations.  Goal:  The students learn  several  experimental  techniques  in condensed  matter and/or  petroleum physics and they learn how  to  write  project based  scientific reports.  The course  will support  theoretical  and numerical  course in PoreLab.

Examples of master degree projects

  Pressure fluctuations in porous media flows, UiO

  Influence of flow speed on the pore invasion dynamics, UiO

 Projects in Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, NTNU

 Steady state two phase flow experiments in 3D, UiO

 CO2 storage and stability of convection plumes in model aquifers, UiO

 Modeling a cyclic granular plug formation process, UiO

 Fast deformation and fracturing during fluid injection into a porous reservoir model, UiO

 Granular plug dynamics in confined geometry, UiO

 Steady state two phase flow in a gravitational field, UiO

 From statistical distribution of the two-phase system to the overall permeability, NTNU